Compliance Assessment

RAZIENT provides a cost efficient SaaS application that can be used globally across all industries

RAZIENT empowers companies to quickly connect the dots with an end-to-end, 360 degree view of your supply chain and suppliers

Assessment Overview

Technology is frequently mis-configured or mismanaged, which in turn introduces points of weakness into the organization.

A company needs to know what threats are inherent in the infrastructure based on current and future technology purchases.

Multiple Threats - Threats to an organization’s network can come from many different sources.

Infrequent Testing – Many organizations test for vulnerabilities once a quarter or once a year - not nearly enough for adequate protection. New Threats – Organizations need to test for exposure early and often to keep up with the growing number of threats.

Vulnerability analysis is the front line in securing the organization. A Network Security Scan provides a programmatic approach for evaluating technical security controls across your external environment. Vulnerability scanning is a necessary tactical approach to securing all the “low-hanging” risk in your infrastructure. We will conduct tests against your Internet perimeter using real world attack techniques in an automated manner. 

Compliance Law List

Analysis of External Environment Automated Testing Procedures Development of Key Remediation Recommendations Once vulnerabilities are identified, we will provide detailed recommendations to fix the problems. We do not conduct manual verification in this automated vulnerability scan.

Client Benefits

External Security Scan Simulates an External Attacker Consistent and Repeatable Scanning Continuously Expanding Vulnerability Tests Comply with Industry-Driven Regulatory Requirements 

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