RAZIENT Provides a Cost Efficient SaaS Application That Can be Accessed Over the Internet Globally from any Device


Accessible Anywhere in the World

RAZIENT empowers companies to quickly connect the dots with an end-to-end, 360 degree view of your supply chain and suppliers.

RAZIENT is web-enabled, available anywhere in the world with Internet access. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and requires no added cost of hardware / software to install or support. Installation and set-up is straight forward and guided by skilled, RAZIENT consultants.

Provides timely, daily visibility of all relevant incident types and threats specific to your locations, suppliers, and sub-suppliers locations Configurable action and response steps to quickly address risks and threats that may disrupt the flow of goods and materials Tracks compliance against best practices, your company standards, applicable laws and regulations, including global regulatory requirements of every vendor in your network

Accelerates readiness, response and action time for disaster mitigation Shifts Supply Chain Management to proactive management Integrated databases and dashboards eliminate disparate and multiple spreadsheets and documents, promotes efficiency and centralization Integrates with existing ERP and BI applications Configurable to tailor your operational and risk management protocols Coordinates compliance risk with incident response to provide supply chain management the "full picture" and rapid ability to respond Identify products and services at risk Provides a centralized web application platform that is accessible anywhere in the world with Internet Access, including Automatically coordinate locations to threats and incidents Alert based early warning notifications Open sourced intelligence